The History of BP Gamma

BP Gamma Medical was established in 1980, in Frederick, Maryland under the name Gamma Medical Systems, by co-founders Betty Stewart and Thomas McKeever. Gamma Medical’s goal was to provide quality medical products, competitive and fair pricing, and outstanding service.  The company was unique in that its efforts were concentrated on the special needs of the emerging long term care market.  At that time, there were no other local medical supply distributors providing that level of commitment and service to nursing homes.

Gamma’s rapid growth was stimulated by expanding into other markets such as retail sales, Doctors/Physicians and home health.  Many specialized products and value added services were incorporated. These included a computerized inventory control, next day delivery, billing services, “drop ship” programs for home health agencies, outside sales personnel and clinical educational seminars.

In June 2004, Gamma merged with Becker-Parkin Dental Supply Inc., a national dental distributor founded in 1932.  Becker-Parkin was purchased in 1972 by Fred Salzman, an inspired dental salesman, and later joined by sons Mark and Barry, whose involvement has transformed a small local dental distributor into a national giant.  The name BP Gamma reflects the merging of these two family run businesses, their long and colorful histories and the employees whose hard work and dedication have made their companies successful.

BP Gamma’s focus continues to be long term care.  However, through a series of strategic acquisitions, the product and service offerings have expanded to include sleep therapy. Sleep Obstructive Solutions, a division of BP Gamma, is one of the fastest growing sleep solutions providers in the Mid-Atlantic.